June P3 to 6 Science Workshop (TeachArk)

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Engage your child meaningfully this June!

Science is easier when learnt visually and through real life examples. Spark your child's curiosity as we show you REAL LIFE PSLE Science concepts demonstrated in various ways! Grab this chance to deepen your child's application and understanding as schools seldom relate Science concepts and questions to real life situations.


Students will get to see the real life examples behind 80% of exam application questions and bring their conceptual understanding to the next level!

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Mr Hansen Lee
Teacher Joreen
Teacher Chomel
Teacher Sayuri



"Hi Teacher Chomel, I just received my CA1 Science results! I got 86.5 (AL2)! Thank you for teaching me. If it was not for you, I would not have gotten such good results! :)"

— Elisha (P6 Student)