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Sharpen Essential Skills for Math and Science this June Holidays at Think Heuristics' Primary 3 Bootcamp!

Looking to give your child a brush-up on crucial Math and Science skills like model-drawing and crafting open-ended answers? Join our focused two-day bootcamp this June!

Specially curated for Primary 3 students, our program offers experiential and hands-on learning designed to reinforce key concepts and skills!

Why Join Our Bootcamp?

Concept Recap & Revision - Solidify your child’s understanding of key science topics from the first two school terms.





TCR Answering Technique - Improve written skills needed to tackle open-ended questions.










Hands-On Experiments-  Experience and bridging science concepts in real-life applications.


Model Drawing Mastery - Learn to visualize and solve problems using model drawing.



 Interactive Learning - Engage in activities that make math concepts clear and accessible.







✅ Problem-Solving Skills - Develop strategies to tackle problem sums effectively.










Enroll Now. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!


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Science Tuition Class Singapore Teacher Sayuri
Ms Sayuri Lim

Author and reviewer of Primary Science pedagogical products
Over 8 years of experience coaching students 
Anchor teacher of Lower Primary Science curriculum

Heuristic 0201.jpg

Head of Secondary Math curriculum
Over 12 years of teaching Secondary school Math

Anchor teacher for Secondary School Math

Our TCR Method

Values Driven Organizations Venn Diagram
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