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5 Essential Study Tips To Help Students Ace Science Exams

Science is an interesting subject with broad aspects. There are many different elements included in the subject that is important to take note of. Although science is fascinating and fun in theory, it can be challenging to grasp the different concepts and remember them in a way that is organised and simple to understand.

As opposed to memory work, science exams assess one's understanding of concepts taught and ability to apply them, which is why your child needs to fully understand what they are studying and how best to describe the extent of their knowledge on paper. Here are five recommended tips to help your child ace their science exam.

1. Highlight the keywords

Highlighting keywords is one of the simplest and most efficient ways for your child to understand better the science concepts they are studying.

The use of scientific terminology is a part of science. Identifying and understanding the terminology is one of the essential responsibilities of a science student. To accomplish this, students need to pay attention in class and highlight keywords in the notes provided by the teacher. If unsure, students should ask the teachers in their classroom or science tuition class.

2. Study with friends

For many students, forming study groups can also be very beneficial. Collaboration has proven to be much more effective than navigating subject materials alone. In many cases, students find that being in the presence of their peers subtly pushes them to concentrate. Students can also share their challenges with their peers and learn from one another.

3. Mind maps

Mind maps can be beneficial for visual learners. Information can be visually organised using a mind map. With a mind map, students can quickly identify the topic of the question by seeing where different concepts connect. Organising the information is necessary after memorising all the concepts learned so that students know when and where to apply them.

4. Take a second look at your work

One of the most effective studying methods students should try is re-doing their work. Attempting to answer questions they have previously gotten wrong will help the student test their knowledge and refresh their memory by seeing if they can learn from their mistakes.

Re-doing work will help students to identify the areas they need clarification on while also ensuring that they learn from their mistakes and will not repeat them during their examinations.

5. Attend a science tuition class

If students still require extra help, parents should consider enrolling their children in a science tuition centre. Tuition centre teachers can help students more personally, helping them work through complex science concepts at their own pace. They also give students the extra attention they need to improve in the subject.


Many studying methods can help students ace their science exams. It is important to remember that every child is different, and different studying methods could be more suitable for different students. Parents should guide their children to help them find the best studying method that is most effective for them.

Heuristics Science is a learning centre that can help your child reach their maximum potential in learning science. If you're looking to guide your child to ace their exams, we carry PSLE science guide books to help students succeed in their examinations. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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