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Qualities In A Science Tutor That You Should Look Out For

Almost everything has science, and students must feel encouraged to learn more about this subject. For primary school students who encounter the subject for the very first time, science may be difficult to understand. The steep learning curve may deter students from enjoying the subject, especially those needing help to grasp the concepts. However, science is a broad subject that is interesting and essential in understanding the world around us. If your child is having difficulties with the subject, consider selecting a science tutor from a science tuition centre in Singapore to help your child develop an interest in the subject. To help you find a good tutor, we have compiled a list of qualities you should look for in a science tutor.

1. Passionate

Passion is an important quality to have when it comes to teaching. Good science tutors should not only be passionate about the subject but also have a passion for working with children, as tutoring involves working closely with the students. Often, tutors' passion for the subject will show in the way they teach and make the students feel more encouraged and excited to learn. When tutors are passionate and motivated, they can inspire and instil an interest in their students.

2. Engaging

Students– especially those in primary school– will naturally feel restless after a long day at school. Most students have co-curricular activities and supplementary lessons after school, which means they will likely be tired. As such, tuition has to be engaging for them in order to be effective. Science concepts may be challenging to introduce, but an engaging tutor would be able to gather the students' attention and make science interesting for them.

3. Patience

Patience is a critical quality that tutors need to have. Students who are struggling with the subject may take a longer time to grasp the scientific concepts. This may be discouraging, and they may not be willing to open up about their struggles. Tutors should have the patience to guide them through the problems and explore other methods so that the student understands. Students should feel safe at tuition and be able to share their struggles. Students will likely feel more comfortable and motivated to learn and improve with patience.

4. Understanding

Any good tutor needs to be understanding in order to address the student's needs effectively. No two students are built the same and will move at different paces. Students may also have different learning styles– some may be auditory learners, while others may be visual or tactile learners. As such, it is crucial that tutors are accommodating and develop a lesson plan that caters to the various needs.


Good tutors should ultimately be passionate about the subject as well as working with students. Their ability to adapt and interact effectively with students makes them excellent educators who can help students reach their full potential. At Heuristics Science, our tutors teach students using the TCR Method – a learning pedagogy created by our founder, Mrs Linda Koh. The TCR Method teaches students the ability to dissect questions and choose the right answers with point-scoring keywords. We also provide PSLE science guide books, with answers using the TCR Method as part of our learning ecosystem.

Beside only offering secondary science tuition and primary science tuition in Singapore, Heuristics Science also conducts science enrichment classes for primary school students to help spark their interest in science.

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