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Time is of essence as we race towards 2024 PSLE Science Examinations.

We are pleased to announce our latest book launch, P6 2023 Prelims Answer Key for Booklet B (with TCR-infused answers)!

This book has 11 Complete Answers from well-known schools like Ai Tong and MGS!

We have written quality, TCR-infused answers for these 2023 P6 Prelim Papers, carefully vetted by our team of teachers.

After all, what use are practice papers if you do not have the complete and reliable answers to refer to?

Purchase your copy today! Product will be delivered via Singpost (Registered Mail). Lead time: 5 working days.

Note that this book only contains the answer keys from 10 school's prelim papers WITHOUT the exam papers. 

Did you know that more than 25% of the answers given in last year papers do not warrant full marks in the Open ended section? Why is it so?

The answer is simple… They are written by undergraduates who are not in sync with what PSLE standard requires. And yet MANY students and parents rely on it as if it’s the model answers… resulting in learning the WRONG concept of a relevant and precise answers.

Consequently, they are puzzled why they DO NOT attain full marks when they have done ‘well’ while practising the exam papers! And so, are past years papers still relevant?

Absolutely! It is in fact essential for students to practise and be exposed to a variety of question types.

You can now practise past years’ papers assured that the answers are modelled after what PSLE requires! In this way, the effort and time made to practise will yield significant improvement. That is because the TCR-infused answers has been carefully vetted by our team of teachers.

1) Why are the MCQ Answers not included in in this book?
MCQ answers are generally straight forward and often included with the Practice Papers that you obtain.

We believe that the greater challenge that parents face is having reliable, trustworthy Open-Ended Answer Key to reference for marking. We are here to help!  

2) I still need help with some MCQ explanations though.
We got you. If you have any queries or questions that you'd like to discuss, please raise it in our Heuristics Science Telegram group ( and we will address them there.

3) Why isn't the actual practice papers included in this book? 
There will be Copyright issues reprinting these school papers without their permission. Only the content of this book are written by Heuristics Science.

4)Where can I find the 11 Exam Papers for my child to practice?
You may search online or buy them from booths. 

5) I saw that you have another book, "Common Last 4 Topics for P6 Prelims 2019 Answer Key". Why are the 2019 4 topics are separated into another booklet?

We have specially curated the latest 2019 quetions from the 4 excluded topics in 2020 and 2021 PSLE. This means you will not find any practice questions for these topics in the 2020/21 exam papers. 

We highly recommend that you get this book as well to supplement revision. You can purchase it from here:

6) Do you have the e-copy of this book?
No, strictly hard-copy only. Thank you for supporting us in your purchase! 

(In-house special) P6 SCIENCE Prelims 2023 Section B Answer Key

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