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Heuristics in Primary Maths Syllabus

Heuristics is a specialised mathematical problem-solving concept. Mastering it facilitates efficiency in solving regular as well as challenging mathematical problems. The Ministry of Education in Singapore has incorporated 11 Problem-Solving Heuristics into all primary-level mathematical syllabus.

Applying Heuristics Effectively

Instead of containing the 11 Problem-Solving Heuristics neatly into specific chapters though, they have been integrated into the regular curriculum. This not only makes it difficult for students to pick up Heuristics skills, but can also make mathematics confusing for some students.

For us parents, it is difficult for us to put aside the regular-syllabus mathematical concepts we were brought up on to re-learn Heuristics, much less teach our own children this new concept.

This book specially designed for Primary 5 and 6 pupils taking Mathematics PSLE. It gives students the opportunity to see how heuristics work in the most recent Mathematics Examination Paper 2 as well as get in some practice.

Purchase your copy today! Product will be delivered via Singpost (Registered Mail). Lead time: 2 to 2.5 weeks.

Note that this book only contains the answer keys from 12 school's prelim papers WITHOUT the exam papers.



1) Why isn't the actual practice papers included in this book? 
There will be Copyright issues reprinting these school papers without their permission. Only the content of this book are written by Heuristics Science.

2) Where can I find the 12 Exam Papers for my child to practice?
You may search online or buy them from booths. 


3) Do you have the e-copy of this book?

No, strictly hard-copy only. Thank you for supporting us in your purchase! 

(In-House Special) P6 Prelim 2022 Math Complete Answer Key

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