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Discover the game-changing Singapore MOE-syllabus TCRscience Concept Cards, the ultimate companion for exam success, created by Mrs Linda Koh and Ms Sayuri Lim. 

Designed to tackle the challenge of memorizing key science concepts, these cards employ the power of image and keyword association to make learning engaging and effective. Each card features vibrant visuals and bold words that leave a lasting impression, ensuring crucial information is retained. Students will embark on a thrilling journey through science, as they connect with these captivating cards.

But that's not all—TCRscience Concept Cards also foster interactive learning between parents and children. With a blank side for self-testing or joint revision, families can bond over science and reinforce knowledge together.

Don't miss out on this essential tool—unlock your true potential and conquer the PSLE Science paper with confidence. Get your hands on TCRscience Concept Cards today and revolutionize your exam preparation!


1)  Do you have the e-copy of these concept cards?
No, strictly hard-copy only. Thank you for supporting us in your purchase! 

2) When will I receive my order upon ordering?
This box will be delivered together with all items in the same order. You will receive your purchase within 1 working week.

6) Is your TCRscience Concept Cards comprehensive? How many cards are there?

For P3/4 - There are 5 themes in this box - 58 Diversity cards, 33 Cycles cards, 26 system cards, 29 Energy Cards and 12 Interaction cards.
For P5/6 - There are 4 themes in this box - 61 Cycles cards, 51 system cards, 49 Energy Cards and 82 Interaction cards.
These concept cards follow the latest Singapore MOE-syllabus for Primary 3 to 6, leaving no stones unturned in your child's learning journey!

4) My child is Primary 6, is it too late to purchase this? 

It's never too late! We feel that these cards would be a less stressful and more engaging way to approach their revision.  In fact, these cards will give your child a boost in confidence by ensuring they know the exact keywords for their upcoming PSLE Paper!

5) My child is in Primary 1/2. Can we still purchase this?

It will be a good way to introduce new topics for advanced learning, and a good way to keep them interested in science!


6) Why is Mr Gan holding a P5/6 box with coloured border in one of the pictures?
About this, you're looking at our first few drafts of the box cover! In this edition, P3/4 and P5/6 boxes covers are differentiated by their design (border vs no border, younger vs older girl)! 

7) Other info...
ISBN Approved numbers 
P5/6 box: 978-981-18-8040-7
P3/4 box: 978-981-18-8039-1

We would love to see your child using the cards! Please drop us some photos and reviews here!

2boxes Bundle - P3 to P6 TCRscience Concept Cards

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$148.00Sale Price
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