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June Hols: Math & Science Preparatory Programme



Build a strong foundation on all tested PSLE topics!


Did you know that P3 to P5 topics make up over 70% of the PSLE Science Paper?
Most children (P6 2023) do not even remember what have been taught in P5!


The June PSLE Science Workshop (Compiled TCR) will:
✅  Thoroughly prepare your child for the bulk of Science content
✅  Critically analyse of the contents of recent PSLE Science papers
✅ Build foundation for P3 to P6 topics
✅ Uncover our signature TCR Answering Technique to score in Open-ended Questions.

Don't miss this chance to prepare for PSLE,  it's just 113 days left to the Science paper!


Sign up now and see you then!

Master the essential Heuristics techniques to tackle Challenging problems in the topic of “Speed” and “Area & Perimeter” with full confidence and full mark!

The topics of “Speed” and “Area & Perimeter” are known to be the No. 1 killer in PSLE... causing many children to lose out on their AL2 or even AL1 grade!

But it’s not their fault.

That’s because the key to solving these problems is NOT the endless practice that your child is most likely used to.

What your child needs is the right technique to ace this critical part of the exam….

Just in case you’re wondering exactly how important these topics are, here’s some numbers – the questions can constitute up to 10 marks or even more in the exam, and often appear in Paper 2 of the PSLE paper.

Don't miss your chance to enrol your child in our PSLE Preparatory Programme & learn these techniques to solve challenging problems in a clear and systematic manner.

Program Details

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PSLE Math & Science Prep

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Science Tuition Centre Teacher Linda

Author and pioneer of TCR Science Answering Technique.
Over 15 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-30 at 13.48.01.jpeg

 Principal coach @ Math Heuristics with more than 10 years of teaching in MOE. The author of five bestselling books on Maths Heuristics and has been covered by The Straits Times, The Business Times, TODAY, FM938LIVE, parenting magazines.

Science Tuition Centre Singapore Teacher Gene

Reviewer and curriculum writer of textbooks and guidebooks
Over 15 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

Our Methodology

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