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2024 Classes (Secondary) 

New year, new goals. Join us as we bring you through quality science teaching. 

Now offering lessons from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4.

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Stepping into Secondary Science

At Heuristic Science, we believe it is key to build foundational core topics such as atomic structures, separation techniques, and more, at lower secondary levels. Having a strong foundation in lower secondary is crucial before moving up to the upper secondary level. Therefore, this acts as a catalyst for students to look into more specific sciences in upper secondary. Hence, we adopt a CCA methodology to break and extract theories into simpler forms.

Not only do we teach Secondary 1 & 2 students Science to meet their secondary school needs, we also educate to help these kids realise the relevance of what they are learning. In our nurturing environment, kids have many opportunities to ask questions to learn new concepts and ideas in every lesson.

With the method that we emphasise, we help prepare your kids for what they need in school and also to enjoy the process. In this crucial phase of transitioning into a higher level of education, we aim to prepare your child for any difficulties they may face in Science, throughout their lower secondary journey.  

2024 Schedule (Secondary)

Course Information

Through our targeted classes, we prepare our Secondary 1 & 2 students for their Science academics in their secondary school. While following their current syllabus, we help them learn through a structured programme, to ensure their understanding while making it enjoyable and bearable for them. 

With the ample opportunities they have to discuss and ask questions, our classes are a conducive and nurturing place for your kids to learn and excel in Science. The topics in secondary level Science are complex. Therefore, the TCR Technique we implement in our teachings will help simplify the topics and enable our students to grasp the concepts that are being taught. 

Lower Secondary Science Tuition
Tuition Chemistry Singapore
Secondary Science Tuition Singapore

Our upper secondary Chemistry programme is to help prepare your kids for their upcoming upper secondary academic year or to help them improve on what they’re lacking. We cover the main topics in Chemistry to build a strong foundation of their core understanding in Chemistry. 


Our teachers don’t just teach your kids, they ensure that they leave the classes excited to tell you about the things they learned. Our trainers do their best in instilling the joy of learning into them, to make them not only fall in love with Science, but with learning altogether. 


Thank you so much Science Heuristics.  My grandson Nicholas has done extremely well in Science and will be able to meet the criteria of entering triple science in Secondary 3 which he was aiming for.  Under the tutelage of Teacher Lowell, Nicholas now scored a 80% in his Science.  Thank you Science Heuristics because I know the good effort and work you all put in has made my grandson do very well in Science

. - Irene, grandmother of Nicholas (S2) 


Secondary Science Tuition Teacher Lowell
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Mrs Linda Koh
Secondary Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Heuristic Science’s trainers are well-equipped to provide your kids with secondary level Science tuition in Singapore. Contact us at for further inquiries. 

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