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Programme Details 

🔬🎄 Heuristics Science Presents: Science Explorers Workshop for a Science-tastic X'mas! 🎄🔬

Unlock the magic of science this holiday season with Heuristics Science! Engage in an enchanting parent-child experience filled with interactive crafts that will spark your child's curiosity and creativity.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Light-up Christmas Card:

    • Learn the science behind circuits and illuminate your holiday greetings with a beautifully crafted light-up Christmas card.

  2. Magical Robo Brush:

    • Dive into the world of robotics as you and your child build a magical robo brush together. Explore basic engineering concepts and witness the joy of bringing your creation to life!

  3. Post-Workshop Activities:

    • Take the fun home with three additional activities designed to keep the scientific exploration alive. Enjoy quality bonding time as you and your child delve into the wonders of science with these exciting projects.

Heuristics Science Testimonials


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Bachelor of Health Science
Over 10 years of teaching Primary school Science 
Anchor teacher for Junior Science Explorers

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