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Give your child a head start above the rest!

Prep your child for the new year this school holidays!
- Equip students the necessary skills to overcome new challenging topics and questions via TCR Answering Techniques (Science) and UTM (Mathematics)

- Bridge gaps and sharpen tools for effective problem-solving in common exams and weighted assessments.

- Highlight some of the important prior knowledge and strategies needed in the next academic year

Only on 21-24 Nov, register now and give your child an edge to score in the new academic year!

Some of the concerns you might have as a concerned parent : 
1) How do I bridge the gap between what he/she is weak in current year to the next?
2) Will my child be able to cope well in the next academic year? 
3) Will the two months long holidays be too long for him/her to adjust to the rigour of the following year’s syllabus?

We believe that continued learning has to take place even during the holidays. 

As such, our 2023 headstart programme has been designed to give your child a substantial leg up to the new topics and challenges in the next level. 

Find out more below!

Our Headstart Programme

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Click here to register for Math & Science Bundle:

For single subject booking, please call us at +65 8234 5832.


Science Tuition Centre Teacher Linda

Author and pioneer of TCR Science Answering Technique.
Over 15 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-30 at 13.48.01.jpeg

 Principal coach @ Math Heuristics with more than 10 years of teaching in MOE. The author of five bestselling books on Maths Heuristics and has been covered by The Straits Times, The Business Times, TODAY, FM938LIVE, parenting magazines.

Science Tuition Class Singapore Teacher Sayuri
Ms Sayuri Lim

Author and reviewer of Primary Science pedagogical products
Over 7 years of experience coaching students 
Anchor teacher of Lower Primary Science curriculum

Heuristic 0201.jpg

B. Math – NTU
Curriculum Expert (Primary Maths) with more than 10 years of experience. A number-cruncher in spirit and a knack for breaking down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest steps with engaging and clear teaching style.



Click here to register for Math & Science Bundle:

For single subject booking, please call us at +65 8234 5832.

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