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Suitable for P6 students!

Classes & FB live


2023 Classes (Secondary)

Starts 4 Jan 2024

At Heuristics Science, we believe in building the foundational core topics such as atomic structure, separation techniques, and more, at lower secondary levels.  ​We aim to deepen students’ understanding of what Science is and how it is practised and applied.


Join us at our conveniently located (Novena), science tuition centre, and embark in this journey of growth!


2023 Classes

Starts 4 Jan 2024

Like runners in a marathon, students must pace themselves when it comes to revision and preparation.  We are different compared to other science tuition centres in Singapore.


At Heuristic Science, your child will learn how to apply the TCR Technique under the guidance of our experienced trainers, and learn to tackle a holistic array of questions and score in Science! Join us for a unique science tuition class experience.

Primary Science Tuition Centre

Workshops and
Holiday Programmes

Acadamic and/or Experiment based

 Hone your child's answering techniques with our laser-focused workshops in Singapore. Do check us out monthly as we organise highly-curated programme throughout the year! 

Most importantly, nurture their interest and passion for Science with hand-ons to join the dots from textbook to real life. 

Online Science Tuition Singapore

Weekly FB Live:
Science in Action

Every Tuesday, 8pm

Join Mrs Linda Koh and the team via weekly online Facebook Live sessions and discover how the TCR Answering Technique works. A different topic and will be covered each week along with live demostrations.

Complimentary on our Facebook page.

Founded in 2018 at Goldhill Centre (Novena), Heuristics Science is helmed by educators who understand the unique challenges that primary school students face when studying Science. Our innovative TCR Method is based on heuristic techniques, which enable students to make sound judgements and solve problems quickly. Using this proven method, over 90% of our students have achieved As, and over 50% of them A*s.  


Heuristics Science’s curriculum is delivered via a suite of modular classes, guidebooks, teaching aids and workshops. These complementary learning tools help students to build a strong subject foundation as well as spark a lifelong interest in scientific discoveries and experiments. 

Singapore Primary Science Tuition Centre Teachers
Science Tuition Centre Teacher Linda

Author and pioneer of TCR Science Answering Technique.
Over 17 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

Singapore Science Tuition Teacher Chomel

Author and editor of Primary Science guidebooks
Over 9 years of experience coaching students 
Anchor teacher for Primary Science (online)

Science Tuition Centre Singapore Teacher Gene

Reviewer and curriculum writer of textbooks and guidebooks
Over 17 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

Science Tuition Class Singapore Teacher Joreen
Teacher Joreen

Editor and reviewer of Lower Primary Science  guidebooks
Over 9 years of experience coaching students
Anchor teacher for lower Primary Science (online)

Science Tuition Class Singapore Teacher Sayuri
Ms Sayuri Lim

Author and reviewer of Primary Science pedagogical products
Over 9 years of experience coaching students 
Anchor teacher of Lower Primary Science curriculum

Image 180.jpg

Head of Secondary Science curriculum
Over 7 years of teaching Secondary school Science 
Anchor teacher for Chemistry
(Upper Secondary)

Heuristic 0078.jpg

Bachelor of Health Science
Over 10 years of teaching Primary school Science 
Anchor teacher for Junior Science Explorers

Singapore Online Science Tuition

The PSLE Real-Life Application Workshop held last month was very useful  It helped my son to sharpen his answering technique in relation to real-world scenarios. The course conductors were clear and concise and managed to hold my son’s attention for the whole two-hour duration. 

The use of the TCR method taught my son how to systematically attempt any question to get the full mark.  The course instructors even went a step further to get the children to come up with other real-life scenarios, allowing the children to draw a parallel between what they had learnt in the workshop to everyday situations. The use of online lessons did not diminish the course efficacy as the instructors showed a good grasp of Zoom and Padlet.


It was as good as being in a physical classroom. I would definitely recommend this course to any child prepping for PSLE. Thank you. 

- Mary Grosvenor, parent of Ethan Grosvenor (aged 11)

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