Electricity Workshop 

Electricity is a topic that many from the current P6 batch struggle with because it was taught during Circuit Breaker last year. Fret not, we're here to close the circuit in students' understanding with our Electricity Workshop on 2 April!


Close the circuit in your child's understanding!

This topic was conducted during Circuit Breaker last year without hands-on for the current P6 batch, so many students have not solidified their understanding and are still confused about the topic. Our Electricity Workshop will help close the gap with HANDS-ON APPLICATIONS and cover KEY CONCEPTS to help students reach their full potential. P5 students are also eligible to attend workshop to learn the topic of Electricity in advance.

BONUS: Students will receive a complimentary electrical circuit hands-on kit (worth $25)!

Workshop Details

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Our TCR Method

Values Driven Organizations Venn Diagram


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Mr Hansen Lee
Mrs Linda Koh



"Teacher Linda, the workshop you conducted indeed guided my daughter to organise her thought process when answering the open-ended questions. She benefitted much from your workshops. Thank you."

— Samantha (Mother of 2018 P6 Student)