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Introducing the P6 PSLE Trilogy Bootcamp:
The Science Success Blueprint!

Is your child ready to conquer the PSLE Science exam and achieve top-notch results? Look no further than the P6 PSLE Trilogy Bootcamp: The Science Success Blueprint!

🔍 Unlock the secrets of real-life scenario questions and gain an unfair advantage.
🔬 Master experiment-based questions with our systematic checklist and exclusive experiment kits

📚 Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analysis of PSLE Science trends and challenging unfamiliar questions.
Learn proven strategies and the TCR Science Answering Technique to maximize marks.


Limited spots available! Don't miss out on this ultimate PSLE Science preparation program.

Sign up now for the P6 PSLE Trilogy Bootcamp: The Science Success Blueprint and prepare them for success in PSLE Science! 🔥🚀

Find out more:

Chapter 1:
Real-life Scenario-based Questions

Chapter 1

Did you know that real-life scenarios around us shapes the 70% of the open-ended questions in the PSLE Science paper? 

  1. Give your child an edge as we will expand their knowledge and help them gain valuable insights to link REAL LIFE to SCIENCE CONCEPTS!

  2. Unlock the secret to acing Real life Scenario-based questions with our exclusive TCR Science Answering Technique!

  3. Gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE by understanding how marks are awarded by experienced PSLE markers to conquer even the most challenging PSLE Science questions!

Chapter 2: 
PSLE Experiment-based Questions (TCR)

 No more losing marks Unneccessarily! 


Fair test? Measured Variable?
Accuracy? Control Set-up?


Chapter 2

Did you know that 80% of students are not adequately exposed to the process of conducting detailed experiments, leading to significant mark losses in experiment-based questions?

Don't let your child fall into this common trap!

Our systematic checklist will ensure they showcase their 4 years of learning while avoiding critical mistakes.

Experiment-based questions from 2020 PSLE Science Paper

Screenshot 2022-07-21 152322.png

Use our experiment kits (worth $89) to conduct PSLE-related experiments during this workshop! 

Experiment-based questions make up 10% of PSLE Science Papers

What will students take away from this?

Students will get to PINPOINT the typically ‘overlooked’ details and improve their standing by at least AL grades. With less than 2 months to PSLE, this workshop definitely prove to be a ‘MUST KNOW”  if your child wants to secure grades between AL1-AL4.

Chapter 3:
The Last Sprint-PSLE Trending Workshop

In this crucial Last-Sprint workshop, we analyze recurring question types and frequently-tested concepts from the past 15 PSLE Science papers.

But that's not all! We go a step further and prepare your child for those challenging unfamiliar questions that often leave students stunned and stumped.


Our expert trainer, Mrs Linda Koh, will teach them how to think on the spot, remaining calm and confident during the exam.

With comprehensive coverage of both MCQs and Open-ended questions, we leave no gaps in their preparation, ensuring they maintain composure and focus throughout the entire PSLE Science paper.

Chapter 3
Science Tuition Centre Teacher Linda

Author and pioneer of TCR Science Answering Technique.
Over 15 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

HS Testimonials


"Teacher Linda, the workshop you conducted indeed guided my daughter to organise her thought process when answering the open-ended questions. She benefitted much from your workshops. Thank you."

— Samantha (Mother of 2018 P6 Student)


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