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Prepare ahead for 2024's Academic Year!



Build Foundation for Abstract Science!

Secondary-level Science is vastly different from Primary Science as students are often stumped by its ABSTRACT Scientific concepts.

There is NO GUARANTEE that students will continue to excel in secondary school in spite of their primary science results.


From our years of experience, students who have a strong head start tend to excel in the Science in their secondary school.

Here's the reason: having a head start gives them a sense of confidence and pride when they answer questions in class, which paramounts to liking the subjects taught!

Help your child transition smoothly into Secondary Science as they embrace the next phase of their education with confidence!

Transition from Model to Algebra! 

Secondary-level Maths are heavily based on the use of ALGEBRIC EQUATIONS. However, many students have limited exposure to algebra and STUGGLE during this transition from model drawing to algebra.

Most students are deeply entrenched in the use of ‘rectangles’ and stumble through Secondary-level Math.

And in case you’re wondering exactly how important algebra is, here’s some numbers – 60% in secondary 1, 80% in secondary 2 and almost 100% in secondary 3 onwards.

If not handled well,  your child too could end up feeling demoralised, and even become resistant towards learning new Maths topics and concepts.

Join our workshop to discover how your child can smoothly transits from model to algebra and continues to enjoy Maths in secondary school!

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s1 headstart resgistratons

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Multiple time slots to choose from:

Science Tuition Centre Teacher Linda

Author and pioneer of TCR Science Answering Technique.
Over 15 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.


Science Tuition Centre Singapore Teacher Gene

Reviewer and curriculum writer of textbooks and guidebooks
Over 16 years of experience in coaching teachers and students.
Former MOE HOD and teacher.

Image 180.jpg

Head of Secondary Science curriculum
Over 6 years of teaching Secondary school Science 
Anchor teacher for Chemistry
(Upper Secondary)

Heuristic 0201.jpg

Head of Secondary Math curriculum
Over 12 years of teaching Secondary school Math

Anchor teacher for Secondary School Math

Our Methodology

Unit Transfer Method(UTM)

mathsHeuristics™ bucks the trend of getting students to approach mathematical questions by topics. Instead, we train them to approach questions with a problem-solving mindset. This entails dissecting a problem, choosing a heuristics technique, and using the technique to solve a question.. This technique is our brainchild. Students will use this systematic technique to solve scenarios.

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