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Founded by

Mrs Linda Koh in 2018, Heuristics Science is the pioneer of the breakthrough TCR Method.


The method is based on heuristics, which are strategies that help students make decisions and derive solutions to Scientific problems. It bucks the outdated learning technique of attempting past-year papers as well as memorising and applying fixed answers to questions.


By teaching heuristics to students, we are grooming a generation of critical-thinkers who can tackle complex questions, even if they have not encountered them before.


Why Us?

Since its introduction, the TCR Method has helped many PSLE Science students achieve As and A*s. Heuristics Science continues to deliver a holistic learning experience that provides all-round support to students. Our complete ecosystem of learning tools includes physical classes, online lessons, webinars, consultation clinics and guidebooks. By embracing technology, we give students, parents and educators easy and convenient access to our expertise. Additionally, our manipulative-based teaching methods cater to auditory, visual and tactile learners.


Our Academic Team

Principal Trainer Mrs Linda Koh​
  • Teaching Primary Science since 1998

  • B. Sc (Computer Science & Information Systems), NUS  |  PGDE Primary, NIE

  • Former HOD, MOE  |  Adjunct Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

  • Author of “The TCR Method” & “A* Science Answering Techniques Revealed” series

Linda is an Adjunct Lecturer with Singapore Polytechnic where she plans and lectures teachers on “Primary Science Curriculum Development and Assessment”. Linda has been a passionate Science teacher since 1998. Throughout her career with the Ministry of Education, she has held key appointments such as Head of Department. Through her interactions with students, she has learnt just how the Science syllabus is often thought to be baffling. This inspired Linda to take a big leap in 2014 to publish her first book on Science answering techniques. The book empowers students to think logically and critically so that they can write examination answers using accurate keywords. The book received overwhelming response as it made its way into the book lists of many schools. To bring her trusted curricula to even more students, Linda designed and ran physical and online classes that impart the TCR Science answering technique.

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Teacher Chomel
  • Teaching Primary Science since 2014

  • B. Business, NTU

  • Editor & Co-author of various Heuristics Science guidebooks

Chomel has a Bachelor of Business from Nanyang Technological University. She is the editor of the “A* Science Answering Techniques Revealed” series, and co-author of the “The TCR Method – Science Answering Technique (Lower Block Physical Science)” guidebook. The mother of two knows how to pique the interest of her students by posing thought-provoking questions, making hers a highly engaging teaching style.

Teacher Joan
  • Teaching Primary Science since 2014

  • B. Health Science, University of Sydney 

  • Editor & Co-author of various Heuristics Science guidebooks

Joan has a Bachelor of Health Science from University of Sydney. She is the editor of the “A* Science Answering Techniques Revealed” series, and co-author of the “The TCR Method – Science Answering Technique (Lower Block Physical Science)” guidebook. Her ability to break concepts down in structured manner makes her lessons easy to understand.

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Teacher Joreen
  • Teaching Primary Science since 2013

  • Diploma in Management Studies 

A mother of three, Joreen understands the challenges that parents face in educating their children. More importantly, she understands the needs of her students. She brings her patient and nurturing personality into her classroom, while her natural flair for expressive articulation keeps her students actively engaged during her lessons.

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Mr Hansen
  • Teaching Primary Science since 2013

  • B. Sc (Major in Information System Management & Strategic Management), SMU 

  • Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Polytechnic Educators (CTLPE)

  • Former Teacher, MOE | Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • SSA-IKEDA Peace Award Winner

Experienced, passionate and energetic, Hansen has taught over 1,000 local and international students to date. He believes in investing in the education of students, and is always seeking innovative ways to deliver lessons in an interesting manner. He aims to make learning in his classroom fun and invaluable.

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Teacher Willy 
  • Teaching Secondary Science since 2010

  • Double Major in Chemistry & Material Science, NUS 

With more than a decade of teaching Secondary Science, Willy knows first-hand what it takes for students to succeed in the subject. He is thus well-positioned to prepare Primary 6 students for Secondary Science. At Heuristics Science, he conducts the year-end “Sec 1 Bridging” workshops and all Secondary Science classes. His flair for making Science relevant and experiential, and his natural ability to engage with youths, trains students to be effective independent process-thinkers.

Teacher Lowell
  • Teaching Secondary Science since 2017

  • Business Undergraduate, NUS 

Lowell is a passionate teacher who is able to understand and connect with students to help them achieve their best in Secondary Science. Under his guidance, his students have improved tremendously, advancing 3 grades from internal exams to the O Levels. Lowell believes that Science is a subject that requires rigour and practice, making sure that his students understand concepts fully with topical papers and are able to grasp key concepts. He strives to make lessons clear and enjoyable for his students.