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2024 Classes (Primary) 

New year, new goals. Join us as we bring you through quality math & science teaching. 

Now offering lessons from Primary 1 to 6.

Primary Science Tuition Singapore

Gear up for the new school year

Students must pace themselves when they are preparing and revising for their exams. While using our specialised TCR Answering Technique, guided practice and practical applications, our classes will help to keep students on track. With the guidance of our experienced trainers, your child will learn how to apply the TCR Technique, tackling a holistic array of questions and score in Science!

Our primary school Science tuition programme aims to help them understand exam components and the different types of questions they would be assessed on. Our method is to help them understand the concepts better and also to minimise the errors they make during exams. 

With the main question trends and formats in mind, we design our classes to be aligned with the syllabus that is being taught to them in school to avoid confusion. We tutor them the proper structures of answers to score well during their exams and to prepare them for their PSLE. 

2024 Schedule (Primary)

Our primary level science classes are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays


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Mrs Linda Koh
PSLE Science Tutor Singapore Sayuri
Ms. Sayuri
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With the use of our TCR Answering Technique, we will equip our students with the right tools

to tackle the questions they face in primary school, and eventually making them well-prepared for their primary school major examinations in Singapore.

We ensure that our students have strong understanding of the concepts we tutor them, instill the love for science in them, challenge them to do well in the subject and boost their confidence to do well for science in their respective schools. 

Upper primary science tests the student’s ability to analyse data and answer the questions in proper structure according to the observations they make. The students will also learn more in-depth in natural sciences and technological applications. The upper primary science syllabus is aimed towards preparing the students for their PSLE to help them advance to the secondary level of academics. 

PSLE Science Tuition

The syllabus for lower primary science is based on introducing and exploring new concepts to broaden their understanding of science before moving up to the next level. Being exposed to basic physics and the biology of nature and learning how nature functions and the mechanics behind it. It is essential to build a strong foundation to ensure a smooth learning process into the upper primary levels.

PSLE Science Tuition Singapore
Science Tuition For PSLE Singapore


Here are what some of our students’ parents have to say about our classes. 

Heuristics Science is a science tuition centre in Singapore that will prepare your kids for their PSLE through our specially curated classes and following our TCR Answering Techniques. 

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