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Workshops & Programmes

Check out our upcoming Science Workshops.

Primary Science Workshops in Singapore

Your child is eagerly looking forward to the holidays, and we have just the perfect gift for him or her: our science workshops! Our primary science holiday workshops are designed for young minds to develop their scientific inquiry skills and experience the world of science in an interactive and engaging way. We offer a range of fun and hands-on science workshops on different topics that will make even the driest subject matter come alive and allow students to connect textbooks to real life through their five senses.


Tailored to fit the Singapore school curriculum, our workshops will equip students with the tools and necessary knowledge to ace their science exams and PSLEs. Students will be taught by our experienced educators on how to study more effectively and boost their grades through our practical workshops and skills training. This will help them become more familiar with subject knowledge through practical application of theories learnt in class and gain confidence when they sit down for their exams.


Through our science holiday workshops, students will learn to identify the specific areas that they need to work on, and how to improve them ahead of their exams. Students will not just gain a better understanding of science concepts, but also learn how science can be applied in everyday life through fun workshops in an engaging learning environment. We seek to encourage experimental learning and scientific questioning, so that students can apply their knowledge and skills to answer questions in a precise way and achieve better results in their exams. 

2023 Schedule For Science Enrichment Classes
2023 Schedule Science Workshops For Students

Past Workshops

Last sprint, Final Consolidation & Experiment Based PSLE Workshop (Instagram Post) (1).png

P6 PSLE Workshop - 
Final Consolidation

Last sprint & Experiment Based PSLE Workshop (Instagram Post).png

P6 PSLE Workshop:
Last Sprint

Science Enrichment Program Singapore

P5 & P6:
PSLE Science Experiment-Based Workshop

P2 to P4:
Science Discovery

Portrait Science Edu-Tour Info Card.png
Sayuri Mood Board (5).png
Sayuri Mood Board (5).png

Sec 1 & 2: 
Science Application &
Data Analysis Workshop

Science Enrichment Programmes

Science is one of the subjects that students find challenging and difficult to score good grades in. Here at Heuristic Science, we believe that no matter what subject you are taking, it can be mastered with the right guidance and training. Hence, we conduct science enrichment classes to help students master the TCR answering technique and achieve high scores in science. With the aid of our highly trained teachers, students’ confidence in science will grow rapidly as they practise answering challenging questions using the TCR technique. Our tutors will coach students in developing their critical thinking and how to organise their answers, as well as minimise mistakes during exams to achieve exceptional results in their exams.


And we cater for both lower primary and upper primary students. At the lower primary level, our syllabus mainly focuses on introducing students to science concepts like physics and biology to help them broaden their understanding of science, which is important groundwork for a smooth jump into upper primary levels. The upper primary science syllabus comprises a curriculum that caters to learning in-depth knowledge of these subjects. Every lesson is designed to teach students exactly what they need to know to achieve success in their PSLEs and beyond.


Through our science enrichment program, students will receive an array of resources and instructional methodologies that cover all bases to further their understanding of science concepts. Committed to making a difference in our students’ lives, our tutors strive to teach them in a way they understand and constantly adapt our courses to help students grasp important theories. Our goal is for every child who passes through our doors to become confident about his or her ability to take on their exams through our science enrichment classes.

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