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Suitable for Primary P2 to P4
Calling all young scientists! 

Many students learn about different plants from their school papers without ever knowing what they look like in real life! In fact, most of us may obliviously walk pass many edible plants like tapioca and ginger without a second glance, unless we see them in the supermarket. 

In our upcoming Science Discovery Edu-tour, we will close the gaps and connect textbook to real life. Your child will "Experience Science, Touch Science and Feel Science" firsthand through their 5 senses, as we head down to Kitchen Garden at Pasir Ris Park. 

The tour will be led by Ms Sayuri and Teacher Joreen in a one-of-a-kind programme for P2 to P4 students. 

So bring a buddy along and let's explore the delicious Kitchen Garden together!

Program Details


Ms Sayuri Lim
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Teacher Joreen

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