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🔬 Science Discovery Edu-Tour:
Construct your very own Chinampa using repurposed materials!

Program Details

🌻Educational Highlights: 
Tailored for P1 to P4, our workshop explores the topic of Material, Plant System and Germination with hands-on learning that make science come alive!

In the Sunny Singapore, this vertical garden natually reduces the surrounding temperature to about 20⁰C!

Find out why at our Science Discovery Edu-tour!

Fear not! The workshop will be hosted at their on-site air-conditioned classroom.

To make a floating garden, we need materials that float in water PLUS the right conditions for seeds to germinate! Discover the Science behind how a Chinampa works at our Science Discovery Edutour. 

Why join us? 
🌱 Environmental Awareness: We believe in instilling the importance of environmental responsibility from a young age. Our workshop fosters a love for the environment through hands-on activities and learning experiences.

🌱 Learn Science Concepts better: We follow up on the hands-on activities with real-time MOE syllabus Science Concepts, application and questions! 

👩‍🔬 Inspiring the Scientists of Tomorrow: 

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to "Experience Science, Touch Science, Feel Science"!


Join us on 13 Nov 2023, 9am to 1pm!


Singapore Science Tuition Teacher Hansen

Author and editor of Primary Science guidebooks
Over 10 years of experience coaching students.
Head of curriculum (Branch) 

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Bachelor of Health Science
Over 10 years of teaching Primary school Science 
Anchor teacher for Junior Science Explorers

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