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Experience the magic of Hands-on Learning: P4 and P5 Science Workshop.

Give your child the advantage in Science with our dynamic and interactive Hands-on Workshop designed specifically for P4 and P5 students.


🔬 Learn to Acquire: Through immersive hands-on and experiment-based activities, our experienced trainers at Heuristics Science will guide your child in understanding key P4 and P5 Science concepts with clarity and precision.


👀 See to Grasp: Visualize scientific principles through captivating demonstrations and real-world examples. Your child will witness the wonders of Science firsthand to ignite their curiosity and deepen their understanding!


💡 Think to Score: Nurture critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as your child applies scientific thinking to practical scenarios. They will learn to analyze and evaluate questions in order to prepare them to excel in exams.


Our workshop aligns seamlessly with the school curriculum, providing valuable supplementary learning that enhances classroom education. Each session is filled with engaging activities, experiments, and discussions, ensuring an enjoyable and enriching Science experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your child's love for science! Let them discover, explore, and excel in Science through the power of hands-on learning!

Secure their spot in our P4 and P5 Science Workshop today.

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Singapore Science Tuition Teacher Chomel

Author and editor of Primary Science guidebooks
Over 8 years of experience coaching students 
Anchor teacher for Primary Science (online)

Science Tuition Class Singapore Teacher Joreen
Teacher Joreen

Editor and reviewer of Lower Primary Science  guidebooks
Over 8 years of experience coaching students
Anchor teacher for lower Primary Science (online)

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