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PSLE Science Success Blueprint: Chapter 2
Experiment Based PSLE Workshop (Online)

In this workshop, students will gain deeper insight on experimental questions with hands-on learning to avoid careless mistakes and score that AL1!

For the 5th year running! 


Suitable for Primary 5 & 6
National Day (9 & 10 Aug) PSLE Science Revision programme  - Experiment based questions in exams debunked

Experiments form the basis of any Science concepts and theory and in the recent trends of PSLE saw the increase of testing experiment based questions.  From procedures to hypothesis testing to drawing conclusions based on graphs, students are expected to answer these questions with precisions and accuracies…


Use our experiment kits (worth $89) to conduct PSLE-related experiments during this workshop! 

 No more losing marks Unneccessarily! 


Fair test? Measured Variable?
Accuracy? Control Set-up?


80% of the students were NOT EXPOSED to the process of conducting a detailed experiment and ARE LOST when answering experiment based questions. That often leads to a severe loss of marks; costing them their AL grade they deserve. This is especially so when exam stress are factored in as in the new AL system, every mark counts especially between AL1 to AL4. 

Let your child showcase what they have learnt in the past 4 years and avoid common mistakes with our systematic checklist!

Experiment-based questions from 2020 PSLE Science Paper

Screenshot 2022-07-21 152322.png

Experiment-based questions make up 10% of PSLE Science Papers

What will students take away from this?

Students will get to PINPOINT the typically ‘overlooked’ details and improve their standing by at least AL grades. With less than 2 months to PSLE, this workshop definitely prove to be a ‘MUST KNOW”  if your child wants to secure grades between AL1-AL4.

Are we saying this based on what we feel? 

Absolutely not! This is our 5th year in running this workshop and we have been proven again and again each year to raise grades among the hundreds of students attendees! 


My son loved the experiment workshop. He said he learnt many new things, deepen his understanding and totlly agree it will help him in answering his science papers. Mrs Koh is also engaging and truly the subject expert.

— Anne (Mother of 2022 P6 Student)

About Trainer
Taught by our renowned author of best selling books on TCR Science Answering Technique, Mrs Linda Koh, your child will arm himself/ herself with an essential set of tools in the exams!

Knowing it one thing, clicking on the link to experience it is another.

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Mrs Linda Koh

Program Details

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Past years' Gallery (Click to enlarge) 

Our TCR Method

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