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Introducing the Ultimate Science Assessment Workbook for Real-Life Scenario-based questions!

Are you ready to take your child's science skills to new heights? Look no further! 

This workbook combines captivating real-life scenarios with primary school science concepts aligned with the esteemed Singapore MOE syllabus.

🔬 Experience Real-Life Scenarios: Step into the shoes of Mrs. Koh and her bright student, Zac, as they encounter Science based on everyday life situations. This unique approach allows students to discover the world around them and grasp science concepts  through real-life examples. 

✨ Comprehensive Singapore MOE Syllabus: Our workbook is meticulously crafted to align with the Singapore MOE syllabus. Each question is designed to reinforce key concepts, ensuring your child stays on track with their science education.

🌟 Engaging and Interactive: Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring assessments! Our workbook features vibrant and fully-coloured illustrations with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions that spark curiosity and critical thinking.

🔍 Unlocking Clarity and Presicion: The TCR Method breaks down complex questions into manageable components, making it easier for students to comprehend and analyze. Each letter of the TCR template serves as a guide to identify crucial information, ensuring that students stay focused and write open-ended answers with precision!


1)  Do you have the e-copy of this book?
No, strictly hard-copy only. Thank you for supporting us in your purchase! 

2) When will I receive this book upon ordering?
This book will be delivered together with all items in the same order. You will receive your purchase within 2 weeks. 

3) Which topics does this book entail?

All science topics from Primary 3 to Primary 6 syllabus, except "Adaptation". 

4) Why don't you have the topic of Adaptations in this workbook? 

This topic is so vast that we will be launching a separate book soon to cover all grounds! Do watch this space.

5) My child is Primary 3. Can we still purchase this book?

Most definitely! It will be a good way to introduce new topics for advance learning! 

6) Is your science assessment workbook comprehensive? How many questions does it include, and does it emphasize real-life applications?
Absolutely! Our workbook spans 175 pages and comprises a total of 159 questions, including 47 main open-ended (OE) questions. Remarkably, 95% of these questions are based on real-life applications, making learning engaging and practical. We ensure that young learners develop a deeper understanding of science by connecting theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. With our comprehensive workbook, students will be well-prepared to excel in their science education journey.

Primary Science Real-life Scenario-based Questions Workbook

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