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Sec 1 Bridging Workshop (Online)

(Last four P6 Topics)

PSLE’s over, but don’t let complacency set in! Science topics omitted from the PSLE
are essential to Secondary Science and Geography.


Sec 1 Bridging Workshop (Online)

19/10/20 - 20/10/20

2 Days, 2 Lessons (1.5 hours)

10:00 - 11:30

Mrs Linda Koh​, Teacher Willy

If you have registered for our PSLE Last Sprint Workshop (Online), admission is complimentary.


Is your child ready for Secondary 1?

  1. Omitted P6 Science topics critical to Secondary Science & Geography

  2. Effectively learn these remaining 4 topics

  3. Experience a smoother transition to Secondary School


Why it is Important to Complete the Syllabus


Lessons in schools continue, to complete the remaining Primary School Syllabus that were excluded from the recent PSLE. With the major exam over and academic year-end buzz, schools may not cover these topics as vigorously as they normally would. Students will also be tempted to tune out. After all, these have no impact on their PSLE results now. What they do not realise is this: The last four P6 Science topics are foundational to Secondary Science and Geography!


Why It is Important to be Secondary School-Ready


Transiting into Secondary School, your child will already be facing new environment, social circles and subjects like Geography. Don’t let gaps in his Primary School education add these challenges.


Our interactive and engaging Sec 1 Bridging Workshop will help your child learn the remaining P6 Science topics effectively. By the end of this workshop, your child will be ready for Secondary Science and Geography.

How Primary Science Relates to Secondary Topics

Take a quick look at this table. It is obvious how Secondary Science and Geography is built upon concept knowledge and deductive skills across the Primary Science syllabus. That is why it is important for students to thoroughly learn the last four P6 Science topics omitted from the recent PSLE. Help your child close the gaps in his Primary Science education.


* Other Primary Science topics are also mappable to Secondary Science & Geography topics / sub-topics.


Our Trainers

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-08 at 1.05.09 PM.

Teacher Willy

Graduated from NUS with a double major in Chemistry and Materials Science, teacher Willy believes that Secondary Science is not pure regurgitation of facts but understanding the techniques involved. He has more than 10 years of experience teaching Science, and delivers Secondary Science in an engaging yet relevant manner.


Mrs Linda Koh

Mrs Koh is the author of three best-selling Science Answering Technique books, with more than 5 years of online live teaching experience. 


Samantha (Mother of P6 Student)

"Teacher Linda, the workshop you conducted indeed guided my daughter to organise her thought process when answering the open-ended questions. She benefitted much from your workshops. Thank you."

Mei Leng (Mother of P6 Student)

"Yes a big thank you to Ms Linda! My kid has benefitted greatly from her live FB lessons and tuition. Though he only started tuition with Ms Linda in June, he had a great jump in his prelims. An amazing and passionate tutor that I too will surely recommend to anyone. "

Dawn (Mother of P6 Student)

"Thank you for walking this journey for Science with the kids and their parents, Linda. You make a difference."

Parent of Sec 1 Student

"My child really liked Mr Willy!

Will be arranging tuition."

Mother of Faith (Sec 2) 

"My daughter didn’t like secondary science until she came under the tutelage of Mr Willy. He is able to explain complex concepts in simple terms. Faith’s confidence grew and now she no longer fear the subject. Thank you Mr Willy!"

Parent of Roy (Sec 1)

‘My son loves to attend Mr Willy’s lessons. His results improved after three months with him. In fact, he used to fail Science in Sec 1 but has since been able to pass in his Common test and B3 for his Sec 1 exam."

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