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Cycles in Matter & Water

(P5 & P6 2021) 

Master one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in the Upper Block this December.


See a leap in your child's Science AL grade!

The study of cycles are one of the 5 themes in MOE Science syllabus. Touted as one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in the Upper Block where most complicated questions emerged from in past PSLE papers, it remains a missing puzzle piece for students who want to achieve ALs 1-2.

It is the applications of these concepts in different scenarios that makes this topic a killer one. 70% of students who have learnt this topic do not obtain full marks in their OE section when it comes to this theme.

In this 4-hour workshop, your child will learn how to apply the concepts in various past years’ PSLE and examinations questions using our trademark TCR Answering technique. Click onto the link to register to see a leap in your child's Science AL grade this December!

Program Schedule

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Our TCR Method

Values Driven Organizations Venn Diagram


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Mr Hansen Lee



"After I started Heuristics Science, I was able to frame my answers more accurately. I have improved a lot in organising my thoughts and answering techniques, and getting the keywords right.  As for my MCQs, I was able to make quick decisions and improve on my timing. Mr Hansen is engaging, and he spent a lot of time helping us understand the content better. I am glad I found Mr Hansen and Heuristics Science."

— Jonathan (P6 2020 Student)

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