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Should Your Child Attend Science Tuition In Singapore?

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school. There is no doubt that tuition in Singapore is in high demand. While tuition may not be necessary to do well, there are definite benefits to tuition classes that can help students fare better in their studies. Science tuition, in particular, is especially sought after as science-related courses are highly competitive. Here are some reasons why science tuition is beneficial for your child.

Providing a solid foundation in the sciences

Building a good foundation in science can prevent problems in the future. Science in primary school tends to have a steep learning curve as it is the first time children are introduced formally to the subject. Difficulty in grasping the concepts at this stage may discourage them from enjoying the subject. As such, starting science tuition or science enrichment programmes at a primary school level have benefits.

Developing effective studying techniques

Beginning tuition earlier allows students to familiarise themselves with understanding scientific concepts. Good science tuition classes show students effective methods of learning science. For instance, good science tutors allow students to develop analytical thinking skills and connect them to real-world examples instead of using outdated methods such as memorisation. Tuition with a good science syllabus encourages learning beyond textbooks, employing manipulative-based teaching methods. These will allow various learners– such as auditory, visual and hands-on– to grasp scientific concepts quickly.

Most tuition classes typically have fewer students than a classroom. As such, science tutors can guide students more closely and help individual students with their unique struggles and concerns.

Reinforcing existing knowledge

The content students learn in school may not necessarily be absorbed. As students in a classroom can have different learning paces, school teachers must try to accommodate the average learning pace. Students who do not grasp concepts as quickly as others may only retain a portion of what was taught in school. As such, tuition classes can help reinforce what has been covered in school. Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the topic and clarify misconceptions that they missed out on in school.

Helping struggling students catch up

Lessons in school alone may not be effective in knowledge retention, even with revision. Tuition allows students to revise their content in a supervised and guided environment, ensuring that they study effectively. Tutors do not just review content but also share effective studying methods and answering techniques with students.

Tuition also provides a safe space for students to share their concerns and struggles. By identifying their areas for improvement, tutors can provide personalised guidance to help students overcome their learning obstacles.


Science tuition has many benefits that push students to be critical thinkers. At Heuristics Science, we believe in providing a holistic learning experience for students. If you want to maximise your child’s potential, consider joining our science tuition classes in Singapore. We also provide PSLE science guide books that we have curated to bring you the best revision materials. Chat with us today to find out more about our classes and programmes!

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