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June Hols:
Hands-on Webinar with Magnets

Receive a free Science Manipulative Kit delivered to your doorsteps when you sign up before 20th June!

Learning Science through hands-on and play!

Did you know? The name "Magnet" is derived from the Greek region of Magnesia, where the lodestone was found! 

Since then, we have come a long way with magnets, from industrial settings down to cool toy for children. 


Receive free delivery for Science Manipulative Kit when you sign up before 20th June! 

In the upcoming hands-on webinar, your child will : 
✅  be guided through a follow-along  session to build their own magnetic toy 
✅  clear common misconceptions about Magnet
✅ uncover our signature TCR Answering Technique to score in Open-ended Questions

Only on 24th June, 10am to 11.30am on Zoom.

Sign up now to enrol in this fun and unique school holiday workshop!


Program Details

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Mrs Linda Koh
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Ms Sayuri Lim
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Our TCR Method

Values Driven Organizations Venn Diagram




"Teacher Linda, the workshop you conducted indeed guided my daughter to organise her thought process when answering the open-ended questions. She benefitted much from your workshops. Thank you."

— Samantha (Mother of 2018 P6 Student)

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