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How To Better Prepare For & Ace The PSLE Science Exams

How To Better Prepare For & Ace The PSLE Science Exams

The PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) Science test is one of the most important and most challenging papers primary school students must take. This syllabus helps prepare students to become knowledgeable, reasonable, and logical thinkers that have a deeper understanding of the world’s technology and scientific discoveries that contribute to Singapore’s economy and the rest of the world.

The PSLE Science syllabus requires creativity, calculations, and languages. The examinations will test every student’s reasoning, understanding, and application of different scientific topics and concepts. Because of this, Science is one of the most challenging evaluations in the PSLE. Therefore, students need to be well-prepared to ace the exams.

1. Understanding the PSLE Science content

The first preparation students need to make to score higher in the PSLE exams is to ensure that they have the updated MOE Science syllabus revised in 2014. Aside from familiarising the content, it’s also essential to have a deeper understanding of the Science paper to set the foundation of the syllabus and to be able to apply the concepts and answer the scenarios in the exam.

One way to fully understand the PSLE Science content is to hire a primary Science tutor in Singapore who can help students get the concepts of the subject right. Hiring a private home tutor also helps students have confidence in answering and asking questions in and out of the textbook.

2. Always practice

As they say, practice makes perfect. So, to thoroughly familiarise the PSLE Science format, students must practice and get as much exposure to the exam as possible. Practising the 10-year series will also assure them that they will be able to pick out recurring patterns and question types to have a good idea of what to expect. A trusted science tuition centre that can supply the best private tutors can help primary school children practice what they learn in school to enrich their knowledge of the subject.

3. Obtain the correct answering skills

The PSLE Science syllabus and examinations follow rigid rubrics, making it necessary for students to obtain the right answering skills to be able to supply the best answers to open-ended questions. However, it has been observed that a lot of students are weak in this area. The correct way to answer questions is to use the right concept key phrases and ensure that they are applied to specific questions. To be able to obtain the proper answering skills for the PSLE Science examinations, students may turn to our PSLE Science Guide Book. Heuristics Science’s TCR Science Answering Technique guidebook contains answer keys imbued with the TCR method, which can help students comprehend questions, find the right keywords and answer the questions in a decisive manner.

4. Be a clever exam strategist

Aside from fully understanding the concepts and adopting the correct answering techniques, students must be able to master smart exam strategies. For one, you should answer the more straightforward questions first to get them out of the way. By doing this, primary pupils will be able to finish more questions and still have more time to answer the rest. This prevents them from panicking once they realise that they are running out of time.

Aside from answering the easier questions first, students must also keep the time-to-mark ratio. For example, an one-hour-and-forty-five-minute exam means students get one minute per mark to answer all questions. This gives them a sense of urgency so they can complete the papers.

5. Always check, check, and double- or triple-check

Another technique to finish the examination and ace it is to always double- or triple-check their papers at least 10 minutes before the time. This allows them to correct wrong answers before submitting their papers, preventing them from getting a demerit from their scores.


Any student struggling with their lessons, especially for the PSLE Science exams, can surely use the help of a primary science tutor in Singapore. Heuristics Science can guide students in acquiring the correct study habits and answering easy to complex questions in their tests.

Get in touch with us at Heuristics Science so we can help you or your child excel in their PSLE Science exams. We also offer science enrichment classes and workshops to spark your child’s interest in science and help them learn about science through fun.

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