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How To Help Your Child Tackle Their Weakest Science Topics

How To Help Your Child Tackle Their Weakest Science Topics

Looking to help your child improve their science grades? One of the best ways to help them excel in science is to build a strong foundation during the early topics. This ensures that your child is well prepared to tackle new topics later on, as they often require a strong grasp on the earlier topics to handle.


By identifying your child’s weakest topics and brushing up on them, you can work with your child to improve at these topics, helping to ensure exam success and renewed confidence for the rest of their educational journey. Here are some tips that you can follow to better help your child tackle their weakest science topics;


Identify the difficulty


Be it memorising chemicals and their properties or applying the right physics formulas, every child experiences topics that they find difficult to apply their knowledge correctly in. By working with your child to pinpoint what they find challenging about certain topics, you are well on the way to looking for solutions to brush up on these topics with.


Going through marked tests and exam papers with your child is a great first step. Learning from their mistakes is one way to spot room for improvement. Did they apply the wrong formula? Or misspell important keywords in their open-ended answers? All these little mistakes add up and affect your child’s ability to score marks on questions from specific topics.


Take a focused approach


While practising mock exam papers and working through assessment questions is a common way for parents to help their child revise and improve, such methods can be too general and do not allow your child to put in adequate practice for their weakest topics.


What you can do instead is to mark out questions that involve your child’s weakest topics and allow your child to dedicate study sessions focused on answering such questions correctly. This allows for more efficient use of study time and your child to specialise in improving their weak topics by investing more time into them.


Engage a science tutor


It can be tempting to tutor your child on your own or get an older sibling to help out. However, syllabus changes and different schools approach topics differently with their own sets of notes and answering techniques. As a result, your child may not be getting as much effective help as they need when it comes to tackling their weakest science topics. One way around this is to send your child to science enrichment classes.


Engaging a tutor can remedy this issue. A primary science tutor can not only help your child overcome hurdles faced in mastering specific topics but can also equip them with the right answering strategies in examinations and tests. Knowledge is one thing, but applying knowledge in a specific manner is another. Tutors often stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the syllabus and are incentivised to pass down such knowledge to their students in a bid to bring up their grades.




With the thriving tuition industry, it can be difficult to spot a good tutor in Singapore. For those finding it hard to select a suitable tutor for their child, look no further than Heuristics Science!


Heuristics Science preaches an innovative TCR learning method that focuses on honing students’ judgemental and problem-solving skills that prove transferable across many topics. In an effort to detach from the often monotonous impression of tuition classes, we also include workshops, learning aids, and hands-on lessons in order to make classes engaging and appealing to attend.


With over 90% of our students scoring As and over 50% scoring A*s, Heuristics Science is one of the best in the industry, with a host of well-experienced and passionate tutors ready to take your child’s mastery of science to the next level.

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