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The Importance Of Trees For Our Planet Earth Beyond Oxygen

In Singapore, trees are virtually everywhere around us. Imagine strolling through Gardens by the Bay, wandering about the lush scenery as you cannot help but be captivated by the majestic trees that grace its green landscape. But beyond static fixtures, these living beings each come with a fascinating life cycle that holds a profound significance.

You may have learned a thing or two about the life cycle of a tree in your primary school or science tuition class, but do you know about the vital role trees play in the grand symphony of nature? To make learning about science fun, let’s explore exciting ways they are important for the Earth that extend beyond oxygen production.

Cleans the air

Besides taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees do more that help us breathe cleaner air every day! They do so by trapping smoke, dust, and other pollutants on their leaves. Overall, trees help make the air around us healthier and fresher to breathe – like giant, natural air purifiers of the Earth.

Food source for animals

The food court equivalent for animals, trees produce leaves, seeds, nuts, and fruits that animals enjoy eating. And if you didn’t know before, these animals help spread the tree’s seeds around when they consume the fruits. As such, new trees are able to grow in different places, keeping the life cycle going.

Shelter for animals

Where we have Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats and condominium buildings to reside peacefully in, trees provide homes for many animals. Insects, squirrels, birds, and other critters seek protection and shelter from the leaves and branches of trees.

Moreover, animals like bats and insects make holes in the trunks of trees to live in. For the mature, old trees that develop hollow spaces inside their trunks after time, these spaces create ready-made homes for animals such as raccoons and owls. These are perfect as a safe place to rest and raise their young ones while hiding from predators.

Lastly, the rough texture of the tree bark makes excellent hiding places for small creatures such as spiders and insects. Being able to camouflage among the crevices of the bark, these tiny insects find safety there and use it as their home. Unfortunately, they can also become a food source for birds pecking at the bark for insects to consume.

Cools the environment

Other than Singapore being a city in a garden, have you wondered why many trees surround the entire country? Singapore experiences a tropical climate characterised by consistently warm temperatures, plentiful rainfall, and elevated humidity levels throughout the year. With the help of trees, they offer shade and have the ability to cool down the area around them. Furthermore, they can make the temperature even more comfortable by releasing moisture into the air.

A stunning landscape

It is no secret that trees make our surroundings look beautiful – have a look at Gardens by the Bay, for example. As there are diverse species of trees, they come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes that can make our parks and reservoirs look vibrant and green. In addition, they make us feel calm and happy as we explore nature, go for hikes, and have picnics.


Trees are more than just oxygen producers; they make our world more beautiful amid the fascinating ecosystems they support. Learning about and appreciating the importance of trees might just inspire us to take action and become stewards of the environment.

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