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PSLE Checkpoint Workshop

It's important for P6 students to pace themselves on the road to PSLE Science. Stay on track with us as we revise upper block topics, whilst helping students stretch their mental stamina!

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Stay on track to AL1 for PSLE Science!

Sharpen your answers using TCR as you learn to identify clues, give complete answers with accurate keywords and identify and connect multiple topics within the same question. Receive a diagnostic report after your child's participation. We will address topics or area your child is weak in, such as graph analysis or experiments-based questions. This is an added support; to help your child close any gaps!

Program Details

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Our TCR Method

Values Driven Organizations Venn Diagram


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Mr Hansen Lee
Singapore Science Tuition Teacher Hansen

Author and editor of Primary Science guidebooks
Over 10 years of experience coaching students.
Head of curriculum (Branch) 

Mrs Linda Koh



"Teacher Linda, the workshop you conducted indeed guided my daughter to organise her thought process when answering the open-ended questions. She benefitted much from your workshops. Thank you."

— Samantha (Mother of 2018 P6 Student)

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