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Mr Hansen Lee's

2021 Classes (Primary) 

New year, new goals. Join us as we bring you through quality science teaching. 

Now offering lessons from Primary 3 to Secondary 3. 


Gear up for the new school year

Like runners in a marathon, students must pace themselves when it comes to revision and preparation. Focusing on our specialised TCR Answering Technique, practical applications and guided practice, our classes are designed to keep students on track. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, your child will learn how to apply the TCR Technique, tackling a holistic array of questions and score in Science!

2021 Schedule (Primary)


Course Information



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Mr Hansen Lee



"After I started Heuristics Science, I was able to frame my answers more accurately. I have improved a lot in organising my thoughts and answering techniques, and getting the keywords right.  As for my MCQs, I was able to make quick decisions and improve on my timing. Mr Hansen is engaging, and he spent a lot of time helping us understand the content better. I am glad I found Mr Hansen and Heuristics Science."

— Jonathan (P6 2020 Student)

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