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How Hands-On Workshops Improve Your Child's Science Knowledge

Worksheets and exam papers have a place in every student’s study regimen but can fall flat when it comes to the actual part of learning: satisfying curiosity. As concepts tend to be memorised and recited, they work based on repetition and memory and hence do very little in terms of helping students lock in knowledge.


With an increasing number of tuition centres offering hands-on workshops and practical lessons, find out how they actually work when it comes to improving knowledge and building competency in the sciences!


Introduces the ‘fun’ element of learning


Be it revising at home or attending science enrichment classes in Singapore, your child is very likely to be bound to a desk, reading and writing. While this is one of the very few ways your child can complete schoolwork and revise, putting your child through hours upon hours of sitting at a desk and writing can take a toll on their mental health and learning capacity.


By introducing hands-on activities through workshops, you enable your child to associate fun with learning. As well as cultivating an interest in science, this can help encourage a liking for learning in your child and increase their ability to better remember information due to them getting to interact with the sciences through hands-on activities.


Increases attentiveness


Be it conducting an experiment or solving a puzzle with science, the need to physically interact with the subject material as well as utilise more problem-solving skills than memorising concepts allows for increased attentiveness.


As you allow your child to apply their knowledge both on paper and in action, your child will improve their focus and attentiveness. This is due to the fact that your child is able to fully engage and commit to memory the vastly different sights and sounds of a hands-on activity as compared to the monotonous black and white of worksheets and assessment books!


Creates confidence in existing knowledge


Nothing works better at helping your child lock in their science knowledge than seeing it in action. Not only do conducting experiments and solving puzzles allow for more engagement and fun, it also allows your child to grow their confidence and memory in the concepts taught in science classes.


By allowing your child to take part in activities past the usual intensive study sessions and run-throughs of science revision guides, you are providing a way for your child to validate their learning by seeing the various concepts in action. By allowing your child to apply their knowledge in more ways than filling in blanks, you also create stronger memories and confidence when the time comes to test their knowledge.




With the benefits of hands-on workshops being proven to improve your child’s science knowledge, it can be attractive to start looking to enrol your child in a primary science tuition centre in Singapore immediately. However, it is important to find a tuition centre that offers a good mix of learning and fun to maximise the benefits such learning methods can provide.


One such tuition centre offering a good balance of learning and fun would be Heuristics Science. With an innovative TCR method that grows your child’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking, we keep things fresh with hands-on workshops and educational tours.


Designed to cultivate lifelong interest and passion in science, Heuristics Science more than delivers in this aspect with our roster of experienced and dedicated tutors that stay up to date with the latest syllabus and answering techniques to help your child take their learning to the next level.

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