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How To Improve Your Child's Focus During Science Revision

How To Improve Your Child's Focus During Science Revision

Revising for science exams can be a demanding and stressful time for your child. With many concepts to memorise and mock exams to practise, these intensive sessions can put quite a strain on your child! But fret not; below are some ways in which you can improve your child’s focus, enthusiasm, and focus levels, enabling them to have more fruitful study sessions and ace those exams.


1. Shorten work-rest cycles


Creating an effective study schedule is, of course, important – but all study and no rest isn’t too good, either. Consider encouraging your child to split up their study sessions into shorter periods with intermittent breaks. Shorter work-rest cycles have been proven to increase concentration, improve focus, and enable your child to absorb more information.


During their breaks, allow them to do something different to rest their eyes and relax their mind, such as walking around and stretching. This reduces eye strain and mental fatigue, leaving them in better shape to continue their revision!


2. Establish a reward system


Give your child the motivation to push through study sessions by setting up a reward system. Be it small servings of snacks or even some tablet or television time, small rewards for their hard work allow them to stay happy and enthusiastic when it comes to revision, especially if you’ve planned a bigger reward for when they complete the entire revision session.


Bigger rewards can include small outings, electronics privileges, or any preferred leisure activity you and your child enjoy. With a reward system, your child studies with clearer goals and hence is able to learn more in less time due to them being continually motivated.


3. Consider signing up for enrichment classes


As much as any parent would like to be around and support their child’s learning, this can be hard sometimes due to a variety of reasons, such as a busy work schedule or multiple children to manage.


Why not consider sending your child to enrichment classes to make the most of their study time? Enrichment classes are often taught by professionals, well-trained, and experienced teachers who best know how to engage your child during revision. These classes also mostly come equipped with a science revision guide that helps your child with self-study.


Furthermore, they offer specialised supervision, having the skills to ensure your child is learning and absorbing the concepts covered in class.




Be it to catch up on new topics that they may have not yet grasped or to prepare for an upcoming test or exam, there are sure to be ways to support your child by ensuring they revise in a focused, productive manner free of distractions, and that they are rewarded, have proper breaks, and professional assistance.


When it comes to looking for competent science enrichment classes in Singapore, Heuristics Science offers classes suited for every need, from answering technique classes to curated holiday workshops when it comes to excelling in the sciences. With a team consisting of members with up to 15 years of experience, you can count on us to help your child soar academically! To learn more about our classes, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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