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Prepare your child well for their SA2 Exams!

With less than 5 weeks to the exams after September holidays, is your child braced to take the all important exams?

SA2 will be a HIGH STAKE of 55% weightage which determines standing of your child in 2022. 

Furthermore, this assessment is the only exam that tests the ENTIRE YEAR’s  syllabus in a full-length paper

Take this critIcal period (during PSLE Marking Days) to set your child up success for their year-end exams with our SA2 Intensive Revision Workshop for Math & Science

In this upcoming intensive workshop, your child will: 
(1) Revise all tested topics (including forgotten topics learnt at the beginning of the year)
(2) Master answering strategies to score marks for exam
(3) Pick up time management skills to complete the paper 

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Program Details

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Mrs Linda Koh
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Mr Gene Gan
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Teacher Chomel
Mr Sunny Tan
Ms Sayuri
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Mr Hansen Lee



"After I started Heuristics Science, I was able to frame my answers more accurately. I have improved a lot in organising my thoughts and answering techniques, and getting the keywords right.  As for my MCQs, I was able to make quick decisions and improve on my timing. Mr Hansen is engaging, and he spent a lot of time helping us understand the content better. I am glad I found Mr Hansen and Heuristics Science."

— Jonathan (P6 2020 Student)

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