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5 Educational Activities Children Can Do Over The Holidays

5 Educational Activities Children Can Do Over The Holidays

School holidays are a welcome reprieve for both children and parents. These are days when mummies, daddies, and kids don’t need to wake up early to get ready for school. School holidays also give families a chance to stay home and enjoy quality time together. Plus, they can be a great time for children to enjoy some educational play.

Engaging in some educational activities keeps kids productive even when on a break. Besides attending classes at a science tuition centre to help them keep up their momentum in school, there are also multiple fun activities to do as a family to help your child’s mind to stay active. Here are some ideas you can try during the upcoming holiday!

Enjoy A Walk Outdoors

1. Enjoy a walk outdoors

This may seem like a simple activity but walking outdoors or in a nearby park can teach young children many things. You can have them name various things or animals you see during your walk. You can also play a scavenger hunt game, asking them to classify all the objects they find by size, shape, or colour.

2. Get your hands dirty with home science experiments

There are easy-to-do science experiments you can do with young children during their school breaks. For one, you can build a volcano made of baking soda. Another child-friendly experiment you can try is adding a few drops of food colouring to a shallow bowl of milk. You will notice that the food colouring stays the same until you add a drop of dish soap, making the colours swirl around like magic.

Trying simple science experiments at home will help to spark scientific interest in your children. It also teaches them basic scientific principles which may help them in their studies.

3. Learn to cook a child-friendly dish or two

Teaching children to cook will make them develop an essential life skill, as it can help them survive on their own. So, during a school break, have fun learning kid-friendly recipes at home. This will also teach them about different herbs, measurements for the ingredients, and names of different cooking utensils, to name a few.

4. Play board games

Board games like Scrabble, Smath, Monopoly, Frog Pond Fraction Game, Boggle, and chess are just some educational board games that are fun to play with your children. These can teach them about words and numbers, making them a fun way for the little ones to learn something new.

Science Holiday Workshop

5. Attend a science holiday workshop

Learning through first-hand experiences can be fun and effective for children. Instead of being cooped up in a classroom and listening to classes, your child will be able to experience real science in action via experiments in a lab or out foraging in nature. By being in an interactive environment, students are more stimulated which helps to sharpen critical thinking skills as they will be able to connect the materials studied in class and what they see in real time. Here at Heuristics Science, we offer various holiday science workshops in Singapore to help keep your child’s mind active during the holidays.


School can be challenging for some children. This is why it’s essential that you use school holidays to allow kids to have fun and, at the same time, keep learning.

For students who require the extra help, they can also consult with a primary school science tutor in Singapore. We also offer a Headstart Program to help students prepare for their upcoming school year. Here at Heuristics Science, our experienced teachers are ready to help your child achieve their true potential.

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