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More Than Just Books: Make Science Appealing To Your Child

We are all familiar with how different school subjects undergo the studying approach – lessons upon lessons followed by assignments, then tests, and finally an examination. Although this has worked all along, your child may be one of the many unable to perform to their full potential due to how dry and unappealing such methods can be.


As with young students, there often is a need to make learning an engaging and rewarding experience. This is especially true for science; making studying interesting can help your child find the subject more appealing. With increased interest in science, your child is more likely to find motivation and enthusiasm to practise, improve, and excel.


Include hands-on activities


By involving yourself and incorporating a hands-on element into your child’s revision, you add a dimension of interactivity and engagement that can be much more appealing than completing assessment books at a desk for hours!


Get creative with how you involve activities in study sessions. Quizzing them with the use of small whiteboards and flashcards, along with a small reward system, can ‘gamify’ studying science or get them to try drawing out the answers instead for a fun twist.


Such methods can stimulate your child’s brain better and lead to memory improvement and problem-solving skills. Not to mention, getting involved and making learning science engaging can be a great way to bond with your child.


Conduct science experiments


Whilst simply reading and reciting answers on paper can be helpful in reinforcing their memory of keywords and concepts, it can take a mental toll on your child due to the simple fact that repetition can be boring.


Mix it up by conducting simple home experiments that reflect science concepts taught in school. Simple activities such as allowing them to witness life cycles by growing small plants and bugs can help reinforce their knowledge, having experienced science topics firsthand.


Send them to enrichment classes


However much you may want to involve yourself with your child’s studies, it can be hard to afford the time and energy to do so. And even if you did, it can be hard to be certain if your methods are truly helping your child.


Why not remove these doubts by enrolling your child into a science tuition class? A primary science tutor is more likely to effectively engage your child as well as possess the specialised skillset required to enable the best learning experience for your child.

With many tuition centres and teachers, it is not hard to find suitable science enrichment classes in Singapore if you know what to look out for in a tutor.




Given the still-developing mental focus and study habits of your young child, making studying science appealing to them is beneficial and motivating. With your child looking forward to engaging and fun science study sessions and tuition classes, you may soon notice a rise in grades as they develop a liking for science!


Over at Heuristics Science, tuition classes are designed with the perfect balance of engagement and learning in mind. From hands-on workshops to intensive revision programmes, Heuristics Science also offers customizability in terms of allowing you to pick and choose classes that suit your child’s learning style and needs.

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